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nternal height: 8’2” in the front - 7’8” in the back External max. height: 9’6” Weight: ~4,600 lbs Footprint: 96 sf. Living space: 72.5 sf. Doors and windows: White setup: Two 72x80”, double-glazed energy rated, vinyl framed sliding doors and one 48x24” slider window with the same features. Second door (side) can be deleted. * Slider window could be replaced with a 48x36” unit, upon availability. Black setup: One slider (72x80”) and one picture window (24x80”) on the front and an awning window on the side. Black powder coated aluminum or vinyl frame (subject to availability). Thermal break. The slider doors come with a manual lock in the inside and an exterior key lock. Electrical Complete electrical setup: 6 duplex outlets, each one includes 2 USB ports. Interior lights: 4 LED spots. Exterior lights: 2 LED spots. 4 switches (3 with dimmers). Exterior inlet: twist lock RV style receptacle, to facilitate hook up to your main service. See image below. 30A service required. 50A when the bathroom extra is added. 100A breaker panel. 110V.
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